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Welcome to what I am 99.9% sure is my last blog post. Today I officially announce that both my blog and role in the cosplay community is coming to an end. Many of you will think big whoop just another person lost interest. However with my name being used as a weapon by so many […]

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Are you being ‘Comic’ Conned? & Cons in the NW

Mike Moans

I’d like to start by thanking all those who took the time to read my last blog. That article alone had a near 35,000 unpaid reach on Facebook, this is mind blowing so thank you.

So lets talk about the lies, exaggerations and questionable advertising used by conventions in the UK. I’m going to fly by the obvious point that many conventions don’t even have comics at their ‘Comic’ Con. The standard excuse is normally the organiser being unable to locate comic book talent in England. Manchester has 17 creators within just a few miles and Oldham comic con has managed to muster 60+ comic guests on a shoe string budget. Oldham is free to attend. It had a budget less than half the size of other local organisers yet can get 60 comic guests including international talent, even both the creators of Judge Dredd. I will openly say I…

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Hen Harrier Day 2017 – Skydancer Awareness!

Young Fermanagh Naturalist

On July 19th 2016, I wrote myfirst blog on Hen Harriers/Hen Harrier Day. I can’t believe how much has happened since then. Personally, in my own life, I feel my voice is getting stronger through my presence on my blog and on social media.Due toMark Avery’sessential awareness work andgrouse shooting debate (due to his successful petition); my voice is joined with countless others.


I have been lucky enough to see a Hen Harrier and truly it was one of the finest naturalist moments in my life. Knowing so well how very lucky I was, made it all the more poignant and heart searingly beautiful. I was actually given the opportunity to say a few words about it on BBC Radio 4’s Tweet of the Day. My voice was nervous, hesitant and cracked because honestly, it weighed heavily on my heart; due to the fate many Hen Harriers…

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Bee on a Flower


The flower in this picture is Centaurea montana.

The bees like them and I managed to get a picture of one having a drink.

Love the colour of these flowers, look very jewel like. Cornflowers are from the same family as is Knapweed.

This is from my sisters garden.  As I live in a flat I have no proper garden although there is a small area of grass and some flowers out the front.

It would be great if our grass verges and grassy areas could be covered in wildflowers and not mown down all the time.

Our towns and cities would be better places if we had more nature in them.

Let the grass and flowers grow.Screenshot_2017-06-07-21-59-33

Sunset Clouds

It has been a very hot day in Cardiff.  It’s cooling a bit now.

I put some water out for the birds. The hot weather is no doubt hard on them. Hopefully it will have helped a bit.

Noticed these Cirrus clouds gracing the evening sky.  As a child I knew them as Mares tails and still like to call them that, just as I like to call the white crested waves, Neptunes horses.


Rose Bud

This picture was taken in my sisters garden.

She has a beautiful garden with a lot of wildlife and lovely flowers including a number of rose bushes. I noticed that one of the rose buds had a drop of water on it.

The picture isn’t brilliant but I thought it looked rather nice.

As an added bonus her roses are wonderfully scented.Screenshot_2017-06-07-21-58-35


Took this picture of a Rainbow a few weeks ago. Despite knowing what causes a Rainbow I still think that they are a wonderful and beautiful sight.

I find myself stopping to look at one even though I’ve seen so many and I have so many pictures I’ve taken over the years.

The science behind them is fascinating yet I also see the beauty in them too.

Nature is amazing. It’s all around us.  Yet some people don’t notice what is in front of them.